• My name is Nada and I am Children's Book Illustrator

    with 10+ years of experience

  • I am also Editorial Illustrator

    with 10+ years of experience

  • And an Independent Freelance Artist

    with 10+ years of experience

Who I Am

Welcome to the website that showcases the illustrations portfolio that I, Nada Serafimovic did recently. I have been professionally engaged in illustration since 2008, but ever since I was little, I was passionate about visual arts and telling stories in my own way – with a pen in my hand. The first time I remember drawing was when I was as young as 3 years, dictating short poems to my mother and placing small illustrations next to them. I sought inspiration in my surroundings and, through my travels, I found it in human nature and behavior. Over the last 13 years, I illustrated children’s books for publishers and authors from around the world. I am the author of serial books looking for representation.

Illustration 100%
Character design 100%
Picture books 100%
Traditional ink 100%

1. Brief Analysis

If you have all the materials and manuscript ready, I am good to go! This is the most creative, intensive and dreamy stage that will be foundation on every line and brush stroke I make… There is always few questions I might get back to you for clarification, or discussion about the choices it is better to make together, rather than guessing at the end what to do and how to fix things…

2. Research

After we agreed upon almost everything that we possibly can upfront, I start doing detailed research necessary for great result… it might be the objects we have to put in some interior scene, or overall feeling and the atmosphere I have to create with the art. I go back and forth and take notes, and as soon as I feel absolutely sure what I am going to do, we go to the drawing desk.

3. Sketching

Sketching starts with drawing tons of thumbnails for each page within the given format. Drafting characters from the story on the side or directly applying them to the scenes as consistently as possible is a part of the process. It is best for the client to wait for the illustrator to wrap up the thumbnails and sketches before the feedback, to get the overall insight & the bigger picture.

4. Final painting

A true craftsman needs a time to dive in this phase. The client paricipates in the progress too.  Smooth workflow and cooperation is achieved through the client’s insight into sketches, followups, feedback and improvement on illustrations and possible changes, so that the both parties expectations are met and the talent and creativity is manifested in the best possible way.

TheBgBird.com is a website I dedicated to travel-inspired products I make.

It is a case when travels turn into a handmade brand.

BG BIRD (or Belgrade Bird) is the character serving all of my excuses to transform it into endless design ideas and stories. I am from Belgrade, so this is the starting point for all my inspiration. I traveled a lot in pre-corona times, so I think I came up more empathic and wanted to share absolutely everything with others.

Check out the website TheBgBird.com and share your impressions!

The Dream Book

Preorder the book by Nada Serafimovic

''Knjiga Sanjalica'' u pretprodaji Nade Serafimovic

Wordless “silent” book preordering limited number of copies and/or getting an ebook. I am the author of the book, and my gut says it should be on shelves to has its life if there is just a minimum interest and people feel like I do! Of someone who you know recommended to be here, I wanted to explain a bit more about this project and how it all began. I wrote the actual story 2013, since then it melted and changed its form both aesthetically and not being book without words, but the thing it never changed is the essence of the story, which is that soulmates meet being ready or not, but our subconscious wants to introduce us through dreams in many forms before such great event actually happens… I love Carl Gustav Jung`s assumptions, the way he cured people with his own methods, and his teachings since high school, and if I didn`t believe, I wouldn`t incorporate the main symbols into artwork, so he is just big inspirational starting point to create it… The book itself is very much experimental, made in gouache mainly on mdf panels as it doesn`t follow any schemes existing today, but the visual language is always there to dare us illustrate the best and the most honest we possibly can… And that is what I did! The boy is the main character who meets the girl at the end of the story… there is much room for interpretations which means kids learn to “read” the pictures way different than they are used to from other books, and book is for all ages, which means you don`t have to be a parent to want it for yourself! All the nice things are serious enough for all ages, right?!

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Below is just a short summary of my recent experience.


I knew in my soul that, for someone who draws and paints for a living, having only photos taken by phone isn’t going to be satisfying as journaling for two months in Japan wherever I went. A mix of two seemed great.
Soon I started to take in the details I see every day, try to draw Japanese written ads I see while walking the streets of Tokyo or Osaka, learn the names of the food plates in restaurants and fast-food chains… My travel journal soon started looking like a cultural map.
It felt like building the world inside the existing one… The lens I had absorbed all the information and transferred to paper with ink. It was mine and mine only. Nevertheless, without sharing it seems selfish and, that’s where social media came in.

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Say Hello!


    You may reach me via social networks, and also get an insight into my creative work through another website owned by me - TheBgBird.com. I keep it gmail - write to me to nadaserafimovic@gmail.com, or via this contact form.

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    Nada Serafimović
    Detalj sa zadnje korice i vesti iz nesvesti... Odoh sledece nedelje da platim avans stampariji i spremam poslednje korekcije za slanje do ponedeljka, rok su dali 26 dana od momenta uplate verovatno, pa se nadam da ce sve biti u redu:) u medjuvremenu, crtam originale jer linoreza je malo dobro otisnuto, a ovako je jos lepse kad se da mali origjnal koji nije otisak. Zar ne? 🙂Za drugu polovinu novca strpljivo i zahvalno cekam jos oko 7oro ljudi da uplati na dinarski, pa smo komplet. Drago mi je da stamparija ima lep izbor papira pa idem da "pipam" i odmerim taj 130gramski mat koji preporucuju:)#preorder #crowdfunding #dream #dreambook #thedreambook #knjigazadušu #pretprodaja #wordlessbook #wordlesspicturebook #illustration #gouacheillustration #gouache #bookillustration #books #childrensbooks #bookstagram ... See MoreSee Less
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    Nada Serafimović
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